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SPS has solved a problem that every marketing department faces but didn’t think could be automated. It allows users to quickly and affordably create and distribute marketing communications materials such as newsletters, brochures, direct mail pieces, Web site content, entire marketing campaigns and more – just by completing a form and using a Web browser. There is absolutely no programming involved, no new software required and no new environments to learn.

SPS is an automated, digital marketing tool that allows anyone with basic computer skills to create and distribute sophisticated marketing materials in virtually any format (PDF, html, print on demand, email and fax) without compromising quality or brand. With a couple clicks of a button SPS clients can communicate consistently with staff and customers around the world using SPS.

• With SPS if you can point and click you can create and distribute customized, high impact materials, fast, responding quickly to market opportunities and sending targeted customer messages which can be published to Web sites, pushed out as easily accessible email attachments, faxed or printed.

• SPS creates and distributes materials as diverse as newsletters, brochures, direct mail pieces, advertisements, Web site content and more just by completing a form, and using a Web browser with no new programming software or complex instructions to follow.

• Ease of use, functionality and high ROI result in more efficient, customer focused marketing, increased revenue and decreased cost of sales.