The Medea Group: A History of Excellence

The Medea Group has a long and proven track record in providing innovative and effective business solutions to Fortune 500 companies for 30 years.

Building upon the company’s history of excellence, Medea’s three senior business leaders, used their combined 80 years of experience in creative, production, marketing and technology to build and successfully launch an innovative new product, the Self Publishing System (SPS). Designed to provide a bridge between the print world, the creative world and the digital world, SPS is having a dramatic impact on clients’ marketing efforts and bottom line. Corporations such as financial institutions and insurance companies using SPS have reported increasing their time to market by 600% and decreasing marketing costs by as much as 800%.

The strategy for SPS was to create a tool and provide management expertise designed to specifically meet the needs of Marketing and Communications (MarCom) departments particularly within large corporations. Key product functionality for SPS was developed with senior Fortune 500 representatives working within MarCom departments with an objective to focus completely on client challenges, opportunities and requirements. Launched in 2000 SPS is continually refined and upgraded to ensure optimum functionality and performance.


Medea’s rapidly growing roster of Fortune 500 clients is the best testament to our ability to plan and execute successful programs with our clients. To view specific, detailed case studies and client endorsements please contact us at:

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