Medea's Self Publishing System (SPS) is a sophisticated tool that allows the creation and distribution of high-quality communication materials in a variety of file formats using only a web brower installed on a desktop.

The system was architected and designed specifically to be an extremely easy-to-use, simple to install application that provides robust capabilities that can scale to support thousands of users. Implementations can be sized according to the extent of the user base and system interconnectivity allowing deployment as a small pilot or rolled out on an enterprise wide basis.

SPS is a proven technology that encompasses sophisticated, complex code structures and advanced layout algorithms utilizing dynamic, XML-based Templates to simplify and standardize the creation of documents. The system integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures and can be as customized as required. Cross-platform and very portable, the system does not require large or expensive servers to run the application.

These Documents are available to provide specific technical detail including:

Technical Overview


SPS Requirements